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Our process

In a modern world which increasingly lacks harmony, pace and rest, we invite you to turn to nature to find balance.

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01 | Formulate

We begin by identifying the most prevalent health issues in our society through data and social listening. We think deeply about the intended purpose of each new Diome product and how it will interact with existing and future ranges.

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02 | Source

We then look at the formula. Formulating our products with a scientific and regulatory mindset is a fundamental aspect of our approach.

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03 | Develop

We only select the highest-quality ingredients. Once a plant or ingredient is selected, we begin the extraction process.

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04 | Test

Throughout the development process of each formula, we place significant emphasis on rigorous testing. Once the theoretical formula has been meticulously refined, our initial samples are created and then subjected to thorough evaluation by our community.

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Our experts
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Emilie Delanoue, a skilled naturopath and podiatrist, has been a driving force in health and pharmaceuticals. With a diverse background, including managing her own podiatry clinic and working in the pharmaceutical industry at Therabel Pharmaceutics, Basilea Biotech, and Allergan, she later founded her own naturopathic practice. At Diome, Emilie leads innovation, overseeing R&D and product development. Leveraging her expertise, she collaborates with global experts to develop high-quality dietary supplements, ensuring Diome's products meet the highest standards of efficacy, safety, and sustainability.

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Dr. Jencikova, with a broad background in Conventional Medicine, Clinical Phytotherapy, Homeopathy, Naturotherapy, and Cardiac Coherence, explores interconnectedness in medical practice. Her focus on Endobiogenic medicine sees the human body as a dynamic system. As the scientific director at IEMPI and a master trainer at IDENAT, she is committed to continual learning and teaching. Dr. Jencikova personifies the mission to enhance lives through a fusion of science and art, encouraging self-care and community well-being.

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