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Our ethos centres on Life Rebalance. We take a systemic approach to our collective health and wellbeing, through powerful yet gentle products for a life we can thrive in.

Power comes in the form of high-efficacy, doctor-formulated nutraceuticals that intelligently engage your body's natural capacity for self-repair. 

Gentleness comes from truly adaptive ingredient formulations that integrate with the body’s natural self-healing responses, without the need for harsh synthetics or chemicals.

A life in balance, just as nature intended.

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Our Approach

An integrated and systemic approach - in body and mind.

Our Philosophy

Thinking scientifically to rebalance, naturally.

We create our products alongside our experienced scientific team of conventional and integrative health practitioners, well-versed in formulating and developing both powerful and practical formulations. 

We looked to Clinical French Phytotherapy – a philosophy we wholeheartedly align with. It’s a clinically-researched approach that harnesses the scientific benefits of plants for their synergistic benefits with the body’s systemic self-repair mechanisms. 

Together, over the course of three years, we’re proud to have successfully landed on a high-efficacy innovation in formulation that combines the rigour of pharmaceuticals with choice, natural, plant-derived ingredients to deliver our powerful nutraceutical approach that you’ll find in Rested.

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Our commitment to environmental responsibility:

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Sustainable Sourcing

We source sustainable natural ingredients that are 100% traceable. Wherever possible, our plant extracts are grown by local producers, cultivated far from sources of pollution. Every formula we develop is 100% vegan and free from unnecessary fillers and preservatives. 

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Mindful Manufacturing

To ensure we found suppliers that connect with our vision, we vetted over 100 global companies before partnering with 20 who meet our strict standards. Our products are made in GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) compliant factories, using minimal physical processing methods over harsh chemical extractions. Production is optimised for efficiency to reduce energy use and waste. 

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Conscious Packaging

Our packaging is 100% recyclable, and the beautiful violet glass jar is designed to preserve shelf life and potency. The paper box is 50% post-recycled. We take a holistic approach to everything we do, ensuring balance between us and nature.

Jianne Jamil Diome Founder

A note from our founder

“DIOME is our unique approach to honouring the very nature of our bodies, adopting effective, cleaner, safer products that work with our body’s very own self-healing systems to support ourselves. 

Our team has diligently developed innovative solutions for a generation of sleep-deprived, blue-screen-attached, on-the-go citizens in a constant state of suboptimal performance. Rather than suffering through our daily ailments or reaching for harsh, quick-fix chemical solutions – as I’ve seen first-hand with my loved ones to negative effect – DIOME’s formulations encourage our bodies to adapt to better navigate the realities of modern life. We’re excited to engage with purposeful health seekers in a more harmonious approach to our health.”

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