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Science-backed nutraceuticals for life rebalance.

Why diome?

Modern life – overloaded with disordered sleep, stress and anxiety – is causing imbalances in our body, with side effects that call for hard-working products. Designed for Life Rebalance, we develop effective and safe, science-backed nutraceuticals. Our mission is to empower and inspire people to better care for themselves and those around them to thrive in their daily lives. We believe our bodies have an innate capacity for self-repair with deeply interdependent and interconnected systems that support us. The development of our formulas is anchored in this innovative systemic philosophy. This approach starts with our doctor-formulated debut product, Rested – a sleep-optimising nutraceutical that powers restorative sleep, for an energised day – and life – ahead.


Simply suppressing symptoms of everyday ailments isn’t the way; enhancing self-repair is the approach. Our highly effective and safe, natural rebalancing formulation works in tandem with our body's systems to address imbalances. It’s the foundation for enhancing how we shape our life – and thrive in it.

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