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A life in balance, just as nature intended.

Our Process
Our Process
Identifying the concern 

We begin by identifying the most prevalent health issues in our society through data and social listening. We think deeply about the intended purpose of each new Diome product and how it will interact with existing and future ranges.

Identifying the expert

We carefully assess the expert's professional experience, academic qualifications, and certifications in various fields of human health as well as the philosophy that underpins their practice. It is crucial that their vision aligns with ours and does not diverge from our core values.


Formulating our products with a scientific and regulatory mindset is a fundamental aspect of our approach. The active ingredients of our products are carefully selected and combined according to a precise logic based on a rigorous review of scientific publications carried out throughout the formula development process. The therapeutic use of medicinal plants, the main ingredient of our products is widely documented in scientific literature (pharmacognosy, clinical studies, in vivo and in vitro studies, evidence from traditional and clinical use). This allows us to frame our choices and select active ingredients with the appropriate dosages to deliver the desired efficacy for the majority of the population.


We only select the highest-quality ingredients. Each ingredient comes with a technical and safety data sheet, analysis reports, and certifications, ensuring complete transparency about the origin and quality of our ingredients. We also conduct additional analysis with a third-party laboratory to verify these details, as part of our internal quality assurance process. Once a plant or ingredient is selected, we begin the extraction process. Typically using fresh or dried plants, we transform the plant material into extracts to capture all active principles. Whenever possible, this transformation occurs at the harvesting site to maintain the freshness and potency of the plant. We emphasise sustainability in this process and establish lasting partnerships with our producers, often local, for a better supply chain.

Testing efficacy

Throughout the development process of each formula, we place significant emphasis on rigorous testing. Once the theoretical formula has been meticulously refined, our initial samples are created and then subjected to thorough evaluation by our community. This crucial stage allows for adjustments in terms of efficacy, as well as organoleptic characteristics such as taste, smell, and texture. To ensure objectivity, these tests are systematically documented using detailed questionnaires, providing us with invaluable and impartial feedback that plays a pivotal role in the continuous improvement and refinement of our products.

Developing in France

Our commitment is firmly focused on developing 'Made in France' dietary supplements. Globally recognised for their excellence, these products benefit from stringent standards, meticulous processes, and advanced technologies, reflecting French quality. This excellence is rooted in a deep heritage: France, with its history and traditions in the cultivation of medicinal plants, inspires clinical phytotherapy. Boasting over 300 species of medicinal and aromatic plants cultivated across more than 70,000 hectares, France benefits from the diversity of its climates and territories. Our partners, established for over 20 years, are renowned for their reliability and highly skilled workforce. Our production sites are registered both with the ANSM (French National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products) and the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration).

Testing quality and safety

Our manufacturing processes are governed by strict standards, and our research and development, manufacturing, and control practices are of pharmaceutical grade. Testing quality and safety is a fundamental aspect of our quality assurance process. All our partners adhere to HACCP principles and pharmaceutical GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards. The GMP certification for food supplements aims to ensure product safety, minimising the risks of contamination by harmful substances and poor manufacturing practices. This certification covers all aspects of manufacturing, including raw materials, facilities, equipment, employee training, and personal hygiene. Samples are systematically randomly collected at various production points. To ensure the utmost accuracy, we collaborate with accredited laboratories to verify results before our products reach our customers such as contaminants, heavy metals, active ingredient dosages, and study the products' preservation and evolution over time.

Scientific Team
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Emilie Delanoue, a skilled naturopath and podiatrist, has been a driving force in health, pharmaceuticals, and wellness. Emilie's educational background includes a State Diploma in Podiatry from INP Paris, Naturopathy from CENATHO, and studies in Endobiogeny from IEMPI. Emilie's professional journey began with managing her own podiatry clinic. Her move to Therabel Pharmaceutics marked her transition to the pharmaceutical industry, where she skilfully blended medical knowledge with business acumen. She later worked at both Basilea Biotech and Allergan before starting her own naturopathic practice.

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Medical & Functional Doctor

Dr. Jencikova’s continuous search for interconnectedness in understanding the practice of medicine has shaped her extensive career, not only in Conventional Medicine, but also in holistic practices such as Clinical Phytotherapy, Homeopathy, Naturotherapy, and Cardiac Coherence. This has led her to Endobiogenic medicine, which views the human body as a dynamic and interconnected system. As a scientific director and master trainer at the Institute of Endobiogeny and Preventive Medicine (IEMPI), and as a master trainer at the National Institute of Naturotherapy (IDENAT), she is dedicated to continuous self-learning and teaching others.

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